Mike started Clone Engine Parts Online (C.E.P.O.) in 2014 after 4 years racing clones at the local track. Disalusioned by the skyrocketing costs of what was supposed to be a budget kart class, he decided to look into importing and supplying clone parts himself. Mike felt then, as he does now, that kart racing should be affordable and fun.

Beginning with a small inventory of just a few hundred cylinder heads and carbs, C.E.P.O. began to grow. Slowly at first. Then word began to spread. Within the first year C.E.P.O. was supplying parts to competitors, well known engine builders, and accumulated over 400 customers and more than 600 orders.

Today, C.E.P.O. is on par to deliver more than 2100 orders in 2016, with over 1,200 registered customers (4 of them direct competitors).